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Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy
Air Neck Therapy

Air Neck Therapy

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When you find that your neck has back pain, limb weakness, finger numbness, dizziness, nausea, etc., you must pay attention and control in advance.

    NECK PAIN THERAPY THROUGH IMPROVED POSTURE: this traction device supports the neck, while elevating the jawbone. This creates optimal spine alignment, which relieves tension in your nerves. Many people experience back, spine and shoulder pain relief and spasm relief.

    SMALL ENOUGH TO TAKE ANYWHERENo matter where you are on stiff days, experience spinal traction at home or on the go. It’s soft, lightweight and small enough to fit in your suitcase, purse, car or backpack.

    INFLATABLE FOR MAXIMUM COMFORTthis cervical pillow is easily adjustable so you can control the amount of air for a comfortable spinal stretch to relax your neck and shoulders. Should fit comfortably up to 17.5" neck size.

    Features and Benefits:

    • It Corrects Posture and Relieves Pain in the Neck and shoulders by providing 360°traction.
    • Increases blood Circulation to the structures of the cervical spine.
    • Helping to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, promoting relaxation.

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    Cervical spondylosis is a combination of cervical disc herniation, hyperosteogeny,ligament hypertrophy or cervical curvature. Compression of cervical nerve roots, spinal cord, vertebral artery, sympathetic nerves. A group of syndromes of cervical spondylosis can be divided into five types:

     nerve root type: nerve root compression, neck back rigidity, limited mobility, shoulder pain, heavy, finger numbness; if the symptoms are only in the cervical spine, also known as cervical cervical spondylosis;

     vertebral artery type: vertebral artery compression, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, prone to tripping;

     Spinal cord type: the spinal cord is compressed, the upper limbs are trembling, numb, and the grip is difficult. In severe cases, the legs are soft and weak, and the feet are like walking on the cotton. It is difficult to walk, or even paralyzed;

     Sympathetic type: head pillow pain, head sinking, dizziness, migraine headache, palpitation, chest tightness, limbs are cold;

    Comprehensive cervical spondylosis: It meets the above two or more conditions and is called comprehensive cervical spondylosis.


    Support for:

    • Neck, head or shoulder pain
    • Pinched nerves
    • Herniated, compressed or bulged discs
    • Restoration of a natural cervical curve (neck curve restorer)
    • Cervical neck spasms
    • Back & spinal decompression

    Any adult can use it for either neck pain relief or as an inflatable travel pillow.  It works for everything including:

     Stiff & Painful joints in the neck and shoulders
     Pain from an accident, job or strenuous exercise
    ✔ Prolonged computer or cell phone use
    ✔ Weakened neck or shoulder mobility
    ✔ Bad Posture causing pain  


       Zipper Bag and User Manual

      ✔ Keep your Neck Traction Device Safe and Clean while traveling.

      ✔ Find all the instructions that you need to use the Device - Inflating and Deflating steps.